Old NVIDIA artifacts

Tool to fix GTX470-780Ti GPUs

   🌐中文 Old NVIDIA artifacts 2022.12 disables bad blocks to fix GPU artifacting. Download:

Windows 7-11 64-bit🗄️4MB zip, GTX470-780Ti


Linux🐧4MB tar.xz, GTX645-780Ti

Old NVIDIA artifacts utility works with Fermi, Kepler and 750Ti GPUs. It can fix some artifacting/Code 43 GPUs by flashing VBIOS that disable malfunctioning GPU parts. Fixed GPUs can be used in any computer. GTX Titan 6GB is also supported

Changelog and misc downloads
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Thanks to all researchers for modded BIOSes, they were very helpful during development!

User manual

The steps below represent a typical use of the utility, and due to the semi-automatic flashing, it takes only ~15 minutes. For experts, there is a non-automated mode for VBIOS modification

Prepare your system for malfunctioning GPU, otherwise your system may hang during OS boot: start the utility while faulty GPU is not plugged yet



if you can’t boot your system with faulty GPU even in safe mode, then check Troubleshooting

First flash

Click “Flash testing VBIOS”


Original VBIOS automatically got saved at this point, click “Reboot”


Next flashes

If the system boots fine and there are NO artifacts on the screen:


If there are artifacts or boot/benchmark problems – select “Flash fixing VBIOS and reboot”


Continue until the utility will find an optimal and stable VBIOS. If your GPU still shows some artifacts, then it can not be fixed by this utility.

Last stage

If the utility have found optimal and stable VBIOS and GPU have completed any benchmark – start the utility and select “Complete configuring”, this will save modified VBIOS and return your system to normal boot mode


You can run GPU-Z and check your current “bus width” and “memory size”



If modification succeeds, the GPU memory size and bus width reduces. For GPUs with only 4 memory chips the performance drop is significant, but for cards with a lot of chips the difference is quite small.

The standard 3GB 384bit 780Ti GHz Edition on average achieves 3700 Graphics score in the TimeSpy benchmark. And here are results for fixed 780Ti with 320bit bus left, and a SLIed pair of such cards:

Single 780Ti 2.5GB GHz Editionresult 3493SLI 2×780Ti 2.5GBresult 6111

Special boot mode

“Enable boot without driver” button just tunes built-in OS functionality to let you enter safe mode without video driver. To reverse it, try one of this:


Some of faulty GPUs may hang even during POST and don’t make it to safe mode. Part of them can be fixed, but may require several workarounds to be able to boot the OS and be flashed with the “Old NVIDIA artifacts” tool. On some computers, after 1 minute of a black screen, the monitor will turn on and the system will continue to boot. If it doesn’t, try the following options:

Several Asus models report Error: Selected GPU doesn't support flashing modified VBIOS. For part of them, this can be resolved from console:

Older GPU models like Fermi-based GTX470-590 and Kepler-based Grid cards uses older NVIDIA 3xx drivers and are supported only by Windows version, not the Linux one.

Changelog and misc downloads

Version 2022.12 improvements:

Older 2022.11 downloads


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